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Dr. Janette Freeman
The Power of I AM
 Manifesting Your Deepest Desires
Learn how to reclaim your Sacred Source Code “I AM” and create more peace, joy and abundance in your life.
INCLUDES Ten - 45 Minute video teaching classes 
(Much more indepth than the Insight Timer audio course only)

Over ten lessons, you will be led on a journey to reclaim and use your sacred Source Code “I AM,” in order to manifest your deepest desires by aligning with your Higher Self. Every lesson builds upon the next, as you learn new skills to think, speak, and live intentionally from higher consciousness, where you automatically manifest higher results. You will be given the inspired Source Code Meditations and daily practices, so that you can manifest your most authentic desires. You will learn to use your I Am Source Code skillfully and powerfully which can support all your spiritual & manifesting practices.   
What You Will Get From Doing This Course
Connect to your HIGHER SELF, I AM
You will be given sacred meditations and processes to more deeply connect to your I AM Nature

• Unhook from unhealthy relationships and hook up to real love.
• Let go of codependency to and for others, and return to healthy, strong sense of self.
• Begin the process of letting go of money worries by returning all the responsibility you have unconsciously given to others to provide for your support and resources to your Source. Tap into your Real Source through your code and begin to manifest more support, resources and supply.

Spiritual Activation Processes
Each lesson includes powerful meditations and processes to help you use your Source Code more skillfully.

• Manifesting Through Your Source Code

About the Teacher: Dr. Janette Freeman has been teaching meditation and spiritual growth for nearly 20 years and has a Doctorate in Consciousness Studies. As an author, speaker, teacher and coach, she assists the person in moving through previous subconscious blocks in order to live more from their Higher Self and experience greater health, success, happiness and inner peace.
Her vision and mission are simply to manifest more ‘Heaven on Earth,’ through a shift in consciousness individually and globally.
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